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   Dance 宝栄美希、木原由実、藏島良美
 Sound 山田のぶ
 Toile 出村茉莉子
 Calligraphy Charlotte、23.j
 ArtisticDirector 23.j

In the pursuit of calligraphic art, one can develop their feeling and perception of “The Line”, thereafter discovering from space, form, movement and sound, to expand their appreciative viewpoint.


Concerning calligraphic works, it is often asked “What is written?” about the meaning and content; however, separate from the written meaning, aspects such as - “Sound captured in lines” “The movement found in strokes” “Expression of lines of clothing” and more - the actual “sound, physical movement, and clothing style” transcend calligraphy itself and I began wanting patrons to experience by viewing and then begin to physically sense this combined expression.


When creating artistic works, the artist uses their intuition of drawing, sound, movement and more as a skill and the artist’s consciousness is the work’s overall image and point of interest in which the sensation and form is not just an expression using language but a tool with the ability to handle interesting expressions of body, sound, heart and mind.


Additionally, among works of art we consider repetition of “spirit and thought imagery and emotional temperature”, and even though ordinary calligraphic works are produced as merely visual information, the heart signals the treatment and suggestion of some other influence which has emotionally moved the artist.


Since each person’s experience and knowledge informs their way of feeling, even if shown different works, I wonder if the degree of my own emotional depth and expression is not so different; on the other hand, how I view works returns a different “sound” or “artwork” and holds that which conveys a non-linguistic, emotional meaning and instead I feel that “A fitting response can be created.”


People possess the ability to express emotion without the use of language.


Couldn’t we also say that language and words can tell decorative lies, falling short and leaving something to be desired?


We sincerely hope you will enjoy this work of art with the combination of the components - “sound”, “physical expression”, “clothing” and “calligraphy” - treated as language transformed into media to express “~The line~”.


We also hope that from these works, you will allow your emotions to well up inside you.







今作品では、そういった複合要素の中に「音」「肉体表現」「衣服」「書」といったこれら言語に変わるものを媒体として扱う要素を「伝送路~The line~」としてご覧頂けましたら幸いです。



Kobayashi Yasuko

Miura Atuko